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Why choose artisan soap?

Have you ever noticed that using a regular bar of soap from the grocery store, leaves your skin feeling dry and even itchy? Until I discovered artisan soaps that was all I knew and no way would I use them other than for my hands. So, what is the difference between the two.

Let’s start by looking at industrially produced soaps. Firstly industrial soap has been washed to remove any remaining sodium hydroxide but this also removes the glycerin. Glycerin can be sold as a separate, much more expensive product.

Secondly these soaps are made using hot process saponification, so all the beneficial properties contained in the oils or plant extracts are damaged by the hours spent at high temperatures.

Thirdly, industrial soap is not superfatted.

A hand made artisan soap is a whole different story, nourishing for the skin and gentle enough to be used on your face, hands and body. (careful of so called artisan soap makers who actually use melt and pour, this is not cold process soap)

It has retained all its glycerin which hydrates the skin and helps form a protective barrier.

The artisan soap is superfatted, meaning it contains excess oils or butter that haven’t been saponified so are present to nourish the skin.

The cold process method means that the soap ingredients have retained more of their vitamins, and minerals so these are present in the end product.

Finally, they are better for the planet – little or no energy is required for cold saponification and there’s no plastic packaging.

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