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Sustainable Skincare

I haven't written anything in a long time so thought I'd come online today with something a little different, and more personal, in reaction to an article I just read about the difficulty in finding sustainable skincare. It mirrored my feelings so exactly but is a repeat of what I have been reading for the last few years. So despite knowing that it is a topic of discussion, it is discouraging that nothing seems to be changing. Here is my rant:

There is no transparency on what ingredients are used nor how they are sourced, the amount of complex unrecyclable packaging is a nightmare, the average consumer has far more products in their bathroom than they need, and the industry wants us to believe we need 101 different products to cater to every skin type, hair type etc

The use of the term ‘Natural skincare’ has no legal definition and green washing in this sector is huge. We are led to believe that natural ingredients are better but what if they’ve been harvested the other side of the planet from a threatened ecosystem? The environmental impact is huge, the social impact of marketing is huge. It is very difficult to make truly informed decisions and I speak for myself here too even though I probably know more than the average consumer. That’s why I will continue to make as many of my own products as possible, from the simplest ingredients possible, and cut back to what I truy need. What do you use on a regular basis? – soap, shampoo, deodorant, moisturizer. For me that’s about it.

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