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Why choose an artisan soap?

Have you ever noticed that after washing with a regular grocery bought bar of soap your skin feels dry? Have you tried an artisan soap? the result is completely different - smooth, soft skin!

Why are they so different? Firstly most industrial soaps dont contain glycerine. It gets removed at the same time as the salt rinse used to remove excess lye.

Secondly industrial soap uses hot process saponification which subjects the oils to prolonged heat and they are not superfatted.

A quality artisan soap produced by cold process saponification is rich in glycerine and superfats which will nourish and protect your skin (be wary of some soap makers who actually use melt and pour - this is not real soap!)

A hand-crafted soap can also incorporate beautiful designs and colours turning a mudane hand wash into a fun experience.

The environmental impact of cold process soap is also far lower:

  • little or no electricity is used

  • zero waste packaging

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