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ballet shoes soap

I'm as passionate about soap as dance (both of which I do to music!)

When launching my soap business I thought "Why not combine the two? "and so La Danse des Savons found its name.

But why did I launch a soap company?

Artisan soap making allows me to put my scientific training into practice and also to explore my creative side, as I love experimenting with colour, scent, shape and design.

I particularly enjoy developing unique personalised handcrafted soaps for wedding favours, corporate gifts or baby showers.

Traditional soap making also corresponds to my desire to reduce our toll on the environment. As we've become more and more aware of man's impact on the planet I have been on a quest to reduce the presence of toxic chemicals in our home, to reduce waste and generally adopt a conscientious lifestyle. 

My soaps are as natural as possible. I choose responsible suppliers in an effort to minimize packaging and promote sustainability. I package my finished products with the strict minimum.

 Artisan soaps reply to the need to reduce our environmental impact -no more plastic bottles of soap or body wash.

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