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Nature's paint palette

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, that I love the creative aspect of soap making and try to use natural colours as much as possible. So, let’s take a look at my favourites

I use turmeric for yellow, paprika for a peachy pink, annatto seeds for orange and alkanet for different shades of purple. You’ve probably heard of the first two as they are common spices you probably have in your kitchen. Alkanet is a plant whose roots are used (ground into a powder) to produce a dye. Annatto seeds come from the achiote tree.

In the case of the powders, I infuse them in olive oil before using it to make soap. Annatto seeds on the other hand have to be heated with the oil, to impart their colour.

I also use clays in most of my soaps, as they also help to anchor essential oils. These natural clays can be red, green or pink.

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